The Team

Julie Blinkho

Consultant and Wellbeing Specialist

Julie Blinkho, is a Director and Co-founder of Business Health Institute, who provide high quality health and wellbeing services to businesses, specialising in stress and burnout.

Her accomplished career, as a Finance Director (BA Hons/CIMA), has provided her with extensive experience in management consultation, strategic implementation and company collaboration.

Julie’s business principle of the six areas of work life; workload, control, reward, community, fairness, and values, are what she believes correlate with burnout in businesses. Underpinning her passion in wellbeing, is the need to look at organisational values and help cultivate them to create a flourishing workplace.

One of Julie’s business strengths is in her ability to open the line of communication between clients and businesses to get projects completed.

Alongside this she runs a successful wellbeing practice with her husband, where she delivers a range of self-development workshops.  Julie’s wellbeing qualifications include Reiki Master, Healing Practitioner and Teacher.

Jackie Connaughton

Mental Health Specialist

Jackie Connaugthon is a Director and Co-founder of Business Health Institute, who specialise in working with businesses, to assist them in counterbalancing stress and burnout in the workplace.

Jackie’s inspiration for undertaking this work is embedded with a belief that every employee can thrive in what they do, when the right conditions are applied.  The aim is to re-balance any problematic relationship between an individual and a work environment, then to restore it with vigour and vitality.

After spending the last two decades, working as a trauma therapist, Jackie has a vast experience of working with mental health and wellbeing.  She knows how central emotional intelligence is for employees work performance and job satisfaction. In turn, emotional intelligence builds strengths for businesses; improved productivity, reduction in absenteeism and turnover, increased motivation and employee retention.

Jackie has drawn upon her experiences and desire to find effective solutions for businesses.  To enable her in the goal of healthier workplaces for everyone, BHI work in partnership with leading experts in the field of wellbeing.

Jackie holds various qualifications in the field of Counselling. Jackie Connaughton, MBACP, is a Registered Psychotherapist, Mentor and Coach. She has run her own successful private practice, working with clients to help them overcome PTSD, Burnout and Trauma.


We want to help you build a positive, people focused business, that delivers on performance

Business Health Institute (BHI) was Co-founded by Julie Blinkho and Jackie Connaughton to help businesses manage the performance of their staff.

After years of working in the public and private sectors, we have seen firsthand how business culture can impact staff and affect company performance.

The 2020 Workplace Stress Survey revealed that of British adults in employment, a staggering 79% commonly experienced work-related stress. This is in comparison to results of 59% in 2018. These figures indicate both a significant increase in work-related stress and also highlight the most common form of stress in the UK.

We want to enable business leaders to better understand how stress is impacting upon their workforce, to be able to put in place the right people policies and understand what wellbeing practices will deliver the best return on investment.

To enable us to deliver, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading human data intelligence and technology businesses: Afriforte and FirstBeat Technologies . This partnership allows us to provide you with evidence-based data to be able to risk assess, measure wellness, embed change and build deeper employee engagement.

Our values

We believe every person matters and the better you understand your people, the better you can look after them and get the most from them.

Knowledge is the first step to building a happy and healthy community.
Community leads to positive culture, which in turn will deliver positive outcomes for you and your business.

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We are partnered with two world leading human intelligence and technology businesses; Afriforte and FirstBeat Technologies.