5 Indicators of Workplace Stress

Where teams are experiencing stress expect to notice the following :

  • sickness absence
  • staff turnover
  • reports of stress
  • decreased performance
  • complaints and grievances

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When an individual is stressed at work, expect to see their behaviours and emotions change

An employee may:

  • have mood swings
  • become withdrawn
  • take more time off
  • arrive for work later
  • be more twitchy or nervous
  • lose motivation, commitment and confidence
  • have increased emotional reactions – tearful, sensitive or aggressive

Leavism Impact

12 Months

Presenteeism Increase

12 months

Burnout and Stress within the workplace are linked

If an employee experiences burnout, take it as a sign that there is stress in the workplace that needs to be addressed.

If you are noticing the indicators of team or individual stress in the workplace, take it as a sign that some employees may be at risk of burnout.

Everyone manages stress in different ways. Some people are naturally more resilient than others, but how do you know that if you don’t ask...

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