Executive Round Table 8th September 2021

A summary of Executive Round Table event titled ‘Long COVID: Demystifying the Impact and What Employers Need To Act On NOW’ 

The event aimed at helping businesses manage the unknown challenges being presented in the workplace, explore aspects of employment law in relation to Long Covid, as well as how measurement has provided a unique insight into life after COVID-19.

Hosted by: Chris Cummings, CEO of Sonas Group (Wellbeing @ Work Hub & Summits Globally) and Tayyaba Jordan, an Executive Health Coach, at Wellness with Me.

Presenters: Business Health Institute: Jackie Connaughton and Julie Blinkho, in collaboration with Emma Swan, LLP at Forbes Solicitors.

Topics Covered:

  • What support Employers are required to provide at this time?
  • Will Long COVID be classed as a disability?
  • What, if any, changes now need to be made to Policies/Procedures?
  • How data can provide a unique insight into life after COVID 19

One of the most common issues that BHI keep hearing about from their clients, is the unknown management of Long Covid.  Given that it is going to be an ongoing health condition for the foreseeable future.  They discussed managing Long Covid, as an employer would manage a long-term health condition.

Valuable insight was gained on the wider considerations relating to employment law from Emma Swan, LLP at Forbes Solicitors.

We learnt that employees who experience post-viral symptoms when recovering from Covid, can and do have difficulties in resuming their working roles fully, due to the symptoms and the type of job they undertake.

What was vital for the recovery and self-management, for both the worker and organisation, was the need for a good relationship between the employee and line manager.  A relationship that was based on good communication and an understanding from the line manager about the impacts, that Long Covid can have on an employee’s loss of self-identity, mental and physical health.

BHI shared evidenced based data from someone who had recovered from Covid. The measurement involved recording physiological reactions over a three-day period using heart rate variability to provide insights into everything from sleep and recovery, to exercise and stress.  The data would enable the individual to create strategies to enhance his wellbeing and recovery, as well as provide evidence to his employer for the need for adaptability in his working routine, as well as enabling them both to co-create solutions.

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A summary of the key takeaways from the day can be seen below.