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In a world awash with consultants and wellbeing specialists, two trailblazers emerge from the crowd, driven by a shared passion for sparking change, pushing boundaries, and redefining the very essence of excellence.


Consultant and Wellbeing Specialist

I’m not your typical Consultant and Wellbeing Specialist. I have a knack for sparking change and pushing boundaries.”

Back in the day, I navigated IT systems, and I realised I found my perfect niche in business – I was all about forging connections between tech and humans to unlock unparalleled business success. That epiphany set my course.

Today, I do just that, combining real-time analytics with a human approach to empower leaders and their teams to not just survive but thrive in the workplace. I’m here to redefine the game, to ensure your business doesn’t just succeed but goes above and beyond expectations.


Wellbeing and Mental Health Specialist

“Welcome to the realm where a growth mindset is the rocket fuel of excellence.”

In the mental health and organisational distinction world, one truth stands out: the transformative power of a growth mindset. It’s the secret ingredient that propels individuals and organisations toward unwavering high performance.

Meet Jackie, who recognised this potent connection. She understood that nurturing a growth mindset is the key to unlocking the full potential of people and organisations, regardless of their starting point.

Jackie’s journey began in the realm of mental health and expanded to encompass organisational well-being. Her mission? To inspire profound transformation by instilling a growth mindset. With unwavering resolve, Jackie’s firm belief in the synergy of mental and organisational health demonstrates that when the right mindset takes root, remarkable achievements become not just possible but certain.

Together, Julie and Jackie stand at the forefront of innovation, challenging conventional wisdom, and driving forward a vision of excellence that defies expectations. Their commitment to sparking change and nurturing growth mindsets is an invitation to all who dare to redefine what’s possible. In a world where disruption is the new norm, Julie and Jackie are the catalysts of transformation, leading you towards a future where your business doesn’t just succeed—it thrives, excels, and becomes an enduring force of nature. Join them on this journey to disrupt the status quo and redefine your path to excellence.

Get ready to shake up the business landscape!

Business Health Institute, the brainchild of Julie Blinkho and Jackie Connaughton, is on a mission to rewrite the rules of success.

After years on the front lines of both public and private sectors, we’ve witnessed the profound effect of business culture on both people and organisational performance. Yet, this is just the beginning.

Enter the Champion Health Workplace Health Report 2023, sounding a wake-up call that’s impossible to ignore:

∙ Finances are wreaking havoc, with 37% of employees citing financial pressure as the top cause of stress outside work.

∙ A staggering 76% are trapped in the clutches of moderate-to-high stress, a gut-wrenching 13% increase year-on-year.

∙ Shockingly, 9% of professionals are battling thoughts of suicide or self-harm, an alarming rise from 8% last year.

∙ Tiredness is crushing productivity, as 61% struggle to stay alert and focused.

∙ Anxiety and depression are hitting hard, with female employees shouldering a 22% and 20% higher burden than their male counterparts, respectively.

∙ Yet, a whopping 98% are hungry for change, presenting a golden opportunity for employers to make a monumental impact.

We’re here to assist business leaders in unravelling the enigma of workplace stress. We’ll equip you with the right strategies and unveil well-being practices that promise a remarkable return on your investment.

But we don’t stop there. We’ve forged unshakable alliances with global heavyweights in human data intelligence and technology: Afriforte and FirstBeat Technologies. Together, we use evidence-based data, enabling you to assess risk, measure wellness, instigate transformation, and forge unbreakable employee connections.

It’s time to defy the status quo and unleash a new era of high-performance, people-focused businesses that will leave a legacy in the annals of corporate history. Let the disruption begin.

Read the full report here

Our values

We don’t just believe every person matters; we know it. The secret sauce? Understanding your people, inside and out. It’s not just about looking after them; it’s about unleashing their untapped potential.

In this game, knowledge isn’t power—it’s the whole game. The first step to crafting a thriving, vibrant community is knowing who’s in it, what makes them tick, and what sets their souls on fire.

Here’s the kicker: Community isn’t just a warm and fuzzy buzzword. It’s where cultures are born, the epicentre of positive change. When you’ve got a thriving culture, you’re not just talking positive vibes—you’re talking a positive bottom line.

Revolutionise how you understand and cultivate your people. Because when you do, your business will thrive like never before.

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We are partnered with two world leading human intelligence and technology businesses; Afriforte and FirstBeat Technologies.