Revolutionise your approach: are you gambling with risk?

Welcome to a New Era of Organisational Excellence!

Ditch the Conventional, Ignite Change!

In a world defined by innovation and transformation, clinging to the status quo is a gamble with your organisation’s future. It’s time to break free from the ordinary and embark on a journey of revolutionary change. If you’re ready to elevate your organisational performance, it starts with us.

Benchmarking your human factor dynamics

Your organisation’s success hinges on its people. That’s why we introduce you to the power of the Job Demands Resource Model. It’s not just a tool; it’s a game-changer. By harnessing this model, you gain a profound understanding of how your workforce functions, how resources are allocated, and where the potential for growth truly lies.

Moving beyond burnout: scrutinising organisational health

Rather than focusing solely on burnout, our approach extends further, addressing the fundamental vitality of your organisation. Burnout is just one indicator of underlying challenges. We explore the nuances of your organisational well-being, identifying areas that warrant enhancement before they escalate into critical issues.

The warning signs: are you at risk?

How do you know if your organisation is teetering on the edge of a crisis?

Here’s a risk checklist to help you evaluate the potential for a crisis:

  1. Employee Well-being:
  • Are employees reporting high levels of stress, burnout, or dissatisfaction?
  • Are there frequent sick leaves or disability claims due to work-related stress?
  • Are employees experiencing symptoms of physical or mental health issues?
  1. Job Demands:
  • Are job demands consistently exceeding employees’ capabilities and resources?
  • Are there excessive workloads or unrealistic job expectations?
  • Are there frequent incidents of task-related errors or accidents?
  1. Job Resources:
  • Do employees have access to the necessary tools, training, and support to perform their tasks effectively?
  • Is there a supportive work environment, including teamwork and positive relationships with colleagues and supervisors?
  • Are there opportunities for skill development and career advancement?
  1. Organisational Culture:
  • Is there a culture of openness and communication where employees can voice concerns or report issues without fear of retaliation?
  • Is there a focus on ethical behaviour and compliance with regulations?
  • Are there signs of a toxic or dysfunctional organisational culture?
  1. Leadership and Management:
  • Are leaders and managers approachable and supportive of their teams?
  • Do they provide clear direction and feedback?
  • Are leadership decisions and actions aligned with the organisation’s values and goals?
  1. Work-Life Balance:
  • Are employees struggling to balance work and personal life?
  • Is there a culture of long working hours or presenteeism?
  • Are employees taking sufficient breaks and holidays?
  1. Employee Engagement:
  • Are there signs of disengagement, such as low morale, absenteeism, or high turnover?
  • Are employees motivated and committed to the organisation’s mission and objectives?
  1. Performance Metrics:
  • Are key performance indicators (KPIs) declining or consistently below target?
  • Is there a pattern of missed deadlines or poor project outcomes?
  • Are customer complaints or negative feedback on the rise?
  1. External Factors:
  • Are there external factors such as economic downturns, industry disruptions, or regulatory changes that could impact the organisation?
  1. Crisis Preparedness:
  • Does the organisation have a crisis management plan in place?
  • Has the organisation conducted scenario planning or risk assessments to identify potential crises?
  • Is there a clear chain of command and communication plan for managing crises?

Join us in this transformative journey, safeguard your organisation, and embrace a future of unparalleled success. Are you ready to gamble on change? The odds are in your favour.

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