Introducing OHFB: Your Ultimate Business and People Protection Plan

Introducing OHFB™ Workplace Analytics—an unparalleled business protection plan. It masters the intricacies of the modern workplace, safeguarding your ultimate asset—your people.

Are you currently experiencing challenges with one or more of the below?

  • Workload management and productivity
  • Increased absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Employee productivity and performance
  • Low employee engagement
  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Change experience – you want to be proactive to avoid any of the above
  • Impact of mental health concerns
  • Stress and burnout prevention

If yes, engaging with OHFB™ Workplace Analytics will elevate your organisation’s strength

How? Benefits of OHFB:

  • Continual alignment of people to strategy through internal/external change and growth
  • Engagement, retention and motivation of your workforce
  • Employee wellbeing prioritised
  • Performance optimisation – increased profitability

Choose from Silver, Gold and Platinum packages below:

The Silver package offers essential tools for personal and group improvement. It’s the perfect

starting point on your journey to enhance performance and people alignment to organisational goals

🚀 Silver Stream:

∙Organisational people metrics providing actionable insight for strategic success

∙Retention of top talent

∙Improved people performance

∙Foundation of any wellbeing programme

∙Re-evaluation of targeted interventions

The Gold package includes the added advantage of team engagement, supports individual

creativity, job satisfaction and increased productivity.

💥 Gold Rush:

All the benefits of Silver Stream plus:

∙Group participation leading to improved communication, collaboration, and overall job


Platinum package – The ultimate foundation of your well-being strategy, creating a balance

between individual health, organisational well-being, and the harmony of job demands and

available resources.

🌟 Platinum Paradigm:

All the benefits of Silver & Gold plus:

∙Individualised, confidential, and highly effective support

∙Supporting personal well-being and control of informed decision making

∙Greater satisfaction in both personal and professional life

Maximise your team’s potential and safeguard your business with our comprehensive

protection plan. Begin your organisational transformation today – contact us now

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