Mental health in the workplace

We are passionate about employee health and wellbeing

People are one of your biggest investments and valuable assets, so you want to be sure they are happy and healthy.

Knowledge is the first step to understanding how your people are feeling.

Here, at the Business Health Institute, we have a range of solutions that can be accessed individually, or as bespoke packages, to provide you with the tools and intelligence to build strategies where your people and your business thrives.

Human intelligence and technology combined

Our ASSESS suite of tools helps support businesses to recognise, understand and counteract stress and burnout in the workplace. They can be used to support the whole organisation, particular teams or specific individuals.

Organisation-wide Tools

Understand the work-related wellbeing of workers… wherever they’re based using our organisation-wide Assess tools.

Covid Assess

Covid Assess uses a human data intelligence survey to understand the emotional impact the pandemic has had on people and how this affects their performance.

  • Understand the concerns of your employees and their experiences of working for your organisation through the pandemic.
  • Determine the psychological wellbeing of workers across the organisation, identifying those at risk.
  • Meet safety due diligence requirements and maintain your organisation’s sustainability.

Includes an Online Employee Survey, a Virtual Group Debrief Session and a Management Feedback Session

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Wellbeing Assess

Wellbeing Assess uses real-time online analytics to help your workers and your business survive and thrive in the new normal. It helps you find out what’s happening in your organisation, where it’s happening and most importantly… WHY IT’S HAPPENING

  • Compare the experiences of remote and on-site workers.
  • Understand the work-related wellbeing of workers… wherever they’re based.
  • Identify remote worker risk factors for early intervention – helping prevent absenteeism and presenteeism.

Wellbeing Assess measures and encompasses the health, wellbeing and motivation of employees.

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Individual-focussed Tools

Support specific employees identified via the management team, other Assess suite tools, or who have sought help themselves.

Stress Assess

Stress Assess is a predictive, scientific, online assessment tool that is simple and quick to use. It predicts a stress risk for your employees as well as the impact of stress on productivity and absence in your organisation.

  • Proactively identify stress, burnout, and emotional un-wellbeing risks.
  • Calculate and identify daily periods of stress and recovery for individuals.
  • Follow-up and support employees at risk of stress and stress complications.
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Firstbeat uses cutting-edge, wearable wellbeing tech to assess individual employees’ health and wellbeing. Worn for 3 days, the Firstbeat heart rate monitor provides a unique view of the impact an employee’s lifestyle is having on them.

  • Obtain physiological evidence of an individual’s wellness and performance.
  • A proven method for motivating an employee for lasting behavioural change.
  • Develop support which is personalised for the individual to help them make better lifestyle choices.
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COVID Impact Workplace Survey

Do you know what impact COVID has had on your workforce?

We use a human data intelligence survey, that has been developed in partnership with our partner Afriforte, to understand the emotional impact the pandemic has had on people and how this affects their performance.


7 Reasons why Small to Medium Organisations benefit from working with BHI:

Valued Employees are Productive Employees…..

  • Access to tools used by multi-nationals , within your individualised  budget requirements
  • Minimise risk, via evidence based tools
  • Pinpoint the aspects within your organisation that are impeding wellness
  • Enhance emotional and physical wellbeing in your business
  • Inspire individuals to make better lifestyle choices
  • Safeguard your business health to reach its full potential
  • Be proactive in supporting and building a resilient workforce

Your employees will benefit from:

  • A welcoming work environment
  • A better work-life balance
  • Strategies to manage stress
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Improved morale
  • Improved emotional health
  • Improved sense of wellbeing
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Find out how we can tailor our support to your business wellbeing

We provide ongoing managed performance on a retainer fee basis and can tailor bespoke packages. Give us a call to find out more.