Welcome to the world of Dr Walter V Murray and BHI Co-Founders, Julie Blinkho and Jackie Connaughton

Dr Walter V Murray and Julie Blinkho and Jackie Connaughton, BHI co-founders discuss all things to do with employee wellbeing, burnout and how we don’t just guess, we use data analytics to really know how to help organisations.

Dr. Murray is an expert in leadership and business strategy and has implemented strategies that help organisations of all kinds become more productive, profitable, and diverse.
BHI, are specialists in Stress and Burnout. Through real-time data they 
help determine whether a business strategy is feasible;  they drive productivity;  predict turnover;  focus on the positive in your organisation while also understanding the negative factors that may exist there as well, and they understand the different needs of your diverse workforce so you can manage accordingly.
And this is what they had to say….
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