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Are your Leadership teams, Management and HR departments currently dealing with a different crisis which is emerging from the pandemic? That of retaining talent and/or recruiting someone with the right aptitude.


Your organisational strategy objective is to maximise profitability and returns. Without your people functioning at their best and wanting to stay, and maybe even walk that extra mile for you, your business will not be able to perform optimally.  Therefore, a vital element of your business strategy, in the here and now, is for your organisation to understand whether your people can function at their best.

Work-related wellbeing measures and employee outcomes need to be in a balance for your people to perform effectively.  If this balance is attained then your people and your business thrive, not survive, but thrive!

How do you measure this?  Is it through questionnaires that only give an opinion based response depending on how someone is feeling that day, that moment?  Or do you gather quantifiable data, that is validated and measured against the norm benchmarks, and against the internal benchmark of the company per area of operations?

Given how pervasive this challenge is right now, we are currently working with organisations and providing them with such measurable data:

  • Assessment of employee’s intention to stay (and loyalty to the organisation)
  • Financial costs of absenteeism/loss of productivity
  • Financial costs of losing staff
  • Retention of talent and measuring new recruits.

Employee functioning dimensions are more than work engagement only.

Good Work Engagement ensures a good connection between your people, work, and their work environment, which means that your people are psychologically present in your organisational. Good Work Engagement is also a driver of growth, productivity, and innovation. Imagine a workforce where each person is enthusiastic and showing ZEST and dedication!

High Employee Retention ensures low levels of your people leaving. This in turn helps with retaining a good corporate image and experience. Imagine a workforce where each person wants to be there and has vast experience!

High Psychological Energy is the fuel tank of your organisation – the “can do” of your people. The torque of your people is the “will do”, also known as the desire/motivation. If both the ‘can do’ and the ‘will do’ of your people are out of balance or missing, then this will influence their decision-making process, which in turn will increase risky behaviour, accidents and injury, disposition to making errors, distraction, presenteeism, and many more. Imagine a workforce where each person is focussed on the job at hand and shows good decision-making and quality of outputs!

Monitoring is key for your organisation and your people. Our Work Wellbeing benchmark acts as a quick ‘dipstick’ for risk monitoring and predicts stress risks for proactive intervention. See example data below:

We understand that both time and budget are top concerns right now, and since we are a boutique company, we can keep those costs down for our clients in a significant way.

What will be the cost to you and your business, if you do nothing? Act now to retain your people, to attract the right talent and watch your productivity increase.

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