How Would You Manage Your Business Without Numbers?

Julie Blinkho, one of the co-founders of Business Health Institute, talks about the importance of analysing data, not just in a finance sense but to measure employee wellbeing too.

Pointing to an Accountants Report Bar Graph

How would you manage your business without numbers?

In my previous life in finance, one of my tasks was to create annual projections, primarily based on information provided from historic data and trends.

I would produce management accounts at the end of every month, drill down into the Profit and Loss to identify where variations had occurred. Why had overheads, materials increased?

I took a deep dive into the results (I loved this!) to dig into the data to find the root cause of any variations.


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that any business needs to be aware of its key risks, so that it can act upon them.

The data was used to ‘course correct’. To put the most appropriate interventions in place, so Finance targets could be achieved and in turn, the organisation could thrive.

I am sure I am stating the obvious… So, what is my point??

The above is a business norm and we can’t imagine the impact on our business without it.

So, if I were to ask you, if you knew how, why would you not do the same to measure your biggest business asset, your employees?

To identify key risks in terms of your people, be able to course correct and ensure everyone is on track to achieve your business goals…

Imagine, if this was part of your business norm?

Because without people measurement how do you ensure right now, your business is ‘ahead of the game?’

In as little as 20 minutes, Business Health can measure the above.

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