How We Helped A North West Veterinary Practice 

OVERVIEW: How working with Business Health Institute helped this North West Veterinary Practice

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Business Health Institute (BHI) worked with a North West Veterinary Practice to identify the cause of stress in the organisation. We measured their people and identified that 12% of Employees were at risk of Burnout.

The purpose of the project was to discover how the structure and dynamics in the work environment were positively/negatively impacting the ability of people to meet the business needs.

Our client has a large Veterinary practice, which comprises various locations and is made up of small animal teams and farm vet teams.

The Directors knew something was wrong internally but had no idea what it was. Their initial insight was that the teams needed more resilience. Before our interventions, they had tried various well-being interventions, such as resilience workshops, yoga, and mindfulness but nothing was making a difference.

The management team turned to the Business Health Institute. We measured the dynamics and patterns occurring in the organisation.

BHI identified Key Business Risks:

∙Employee Turnover Risk

∙Sub-optimum productivity

∙Employee Disengagement

∙Employee stress and burnout levels

How did this help the Practice?

We provided them with evidenced-based data, e.g., which areas to target and the most appropriate interventions to reduce the risks above:

∙Age Group 20-29 require higher workplace support than those over 30

∙Clarity around roles & responsibilities

∙Clarity of reporting and decision making

∙Optimisation of Job Information


Our services removed the assumption around lack of resilience and assisted the Management Team to put in place targeted interventions. This work is ongoing and longitudinal analysis will take place later in the year.

We also:

∙Supported individuals who were at high stress and burnout – providing tailored wellbeing solutions based upon their needs.

∙Provided costs and the impact of people being stressed or disengaged.

∙Highlighted the potential impact upon the bottom line if people left the organisation.

∙Identified which organisational factors needed adjustment to improve productivity.

Our client understood improving employee performance ensures an enhanced customer experience.

If your organisation is facing similar challenges or a unique set of challenges then get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.