Nugent Santé Case Study 

OVERVIEW: How might the pandemic have affected the performance and morale of my employees?

It’s a question that employers are asking themselves across the length and breadth of the country, as well as beyond. Paul Nugent, Chief Executive of Santé Group, was amongst them. In particular, Paul was keen to know if the pandemic was having an impact on productivity.


Santé Group is the parent company of Nugent Santé, the leading provider of personal and company health insurance and related insurance solutions across the North West.
The questions they needed to answer were:
• Had the work experiences and supportive needs of staff changed?
• How could they keep staff engaged, connected, and productive?
• How to assess risk on the basis of fact, not assumption?
• What were the physical and mental wellbeing needs of the Group’s employees?


To take a proactive approach to Paul’s question, Santé Group chose to work with Business Health Institute (BHI), who use a validated real-time workplace analytics reporting system, Wellbeing Assess. The system is based on the job-demands resource theory, enabling an understanding of the dynamics and trends taking place at Nugent Santé. An anonymous and confidential online assessment of all staff took place. Alongside this, a Firstbeat lifestyle assessment was also undertaken.


By using the two assessments in tandem, BHI carried out a robust assessment of business and employee needs for Nugent Santé.

Wellbeing Assess

Wellbeing Assess* provided Nugent Santé with invaluable quantitative data including:
• Synopsis of metrics results
• Employee and workplace functioning
• Productivity risk
• Absenteeism cost
• Company loyalty
• Employee turnover intent
• High work engagement state
• Work engagement potential
• Disengagement risk
• Burnout risk
• Stress-related ill health risk
• High repetitive strain injury and computer-related strain risk
• Depression risk self-report
• Remote worker experience
• Work environment preference
Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment provided insights to enable any key decisions around wellness, with the aim of achieving a reduction in sick leave, absenteeism and presenteeism

Overall Stress And Recovery Data

• Average share of stress per day
• Average share of recovery per day
• Physiological reactions during sleep periods
• Average share of recovery during sleep
• Average quality of recovery
• Average time used for sleeping
• Physical activity
• Training effect
• Fitness level

*WELLBEING ASSESS is Business Health
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The Findings Show The Pandemic Was Impacting On Productivity

Business risk factors identified were around productivity:
• 15% productivity risk for employees in company for 1-2 years
• 7% productivity risk for employees in company for 2-5 years
• 38% productivity risk for employees in company for 5-10 years
Quantitative data on the work-related wellbeing status of staff:
• Average share of stress per day 59%
• Average share of recovery per day 17%
Nugent Santé now had quantitative, risk factor data, regarding their on-site, hybrid and remote workers. The dual assessments results correlated that high mental load and lifestyle factors were impacting on productivity.


The correlated dual-assessment approach, provided Nugent Santé with a genuinely evidence-based business risk management strategy. This enabled them to plan and provide effectual interventions to move forward with confidence during the pandemic. BHI co-created solutions to reduce risks within Nugent Santé. This was done with the involvement of Dr Alka Patel, a GP and lifestyle coach, who works with businesses to help create compassionate lifestyle changes for happy, healthy living and connected workplace wellness. Remeasures will take place to evaluate outcomes and impact.

Consequent Actions

• Make appropriate interventions and conduct re-evaluation
• Drive productivity
• Manage outcomes based on evidence and impact
• Guide interventions to maximise ROI