What Do You Think About The Term "Burnout"?

This week we are talking about what the term “burnout” can mean.

What do you think about the term “burnout.”

Does it sound like you’re trying to burn something out? Like you’re trying to wear out your body with too much work? But I think it’s about more than that—it’s about what we’re burning out. It’s about our minds and our bodies, and how they work together when we push them too hard.

I know what it feels like when your brain is fried from working too many hours at the office or finishing an assignment that should have taken you weeks but instead took months because you were trying to do it all yourself. And I know what it feels like when your body’s been working so hard that even though you finally get home, all you want to do is lie down until tomorrow morning comes around again. It’s not just about being tired: it’s about feeling depleted and depleted of energy—like there’s nothing left in yourself to give or take on the next day.

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I don’t have to wonder why I feel how I do. It all makes sense now. The right data and insights have aided me to become a healthier person.

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