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Thrilled to share a groundbreaking collaboration between Bower HR Consultancy and the Business Health Institute, as featured in the latest Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce Monthly Newsletter!

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🚀 Empowering Mental Well-being in SMEs 🚀

Together, we’re revolutionising how small businesses approach mental wellness. Our Stress Assessment programme is a game-changer, tackling workplace stress and poor mental health head-on.

🔍 Dive into the details: ✅ Identify stress symptoms and burnout risks ✅ Equip managers with tools to support struggling team members ✅ Foster a positive culture for enhanced organisational wellness

🤝 Partnering with us means access to top-tier standards and proven methodologies, ensuring sustained success for your SME.

Serena Bower MCIPD of Bower HR Consultancy says, “We’re dedicated to helping organisations cultivate a dynamic, productive workforce while effectively addressing mental health challenges.”

Jackie Connaughton of Business Health Institute adds, “Our partnership offers SMEs expert interventions and ongoing support to maintain great mental well-being and productivity.”

💼 If you’re concerned about mental well-being in your organisation, reach out today! Our Stress Assessment initiative is your tool for a happier, healthier workplace. Plus, receive a free Top Tips Guide for Managers and Leaders: Promoting Mental Well-being.

Let’s prioritise mental wellness together!

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