New COVID-19 Impact Report

COVID-19 has dealt a blow to many businesses; financially, emotionally and physically. As we emerge from the pandemic it is so important that you and your teams are firing on all cylinders, to give your business the best chance to flourish, as we return to some kind of new normal.

We have launched the COVID-19 Impact Report to enable you, as employers and business leaders, understand how the pandemic has affected your workforce. This psychological survey is especially helpful if your workforce has had different experiences of the Coronavirus, for example some may have been working on site whilst others are furloughed, or you have a combination of furloughed staff and home workers.

Everyone has had their own experience through this, and some people are more resilient than others. The COVID-19 Impact Report will assist you with evidence-based knowledge of how your employees are managing during the Covid-19 pandemic.
We provide a quick and easy online survey which employees complete on an evidence based, real time platform. It can be accessed via all digital devices, including mobile phones, so is easy for the whole team to complete.

The package includes a Virtual Group Debrief Session and Management Feedback Session, which is confidential, delivering results anonymously for the purpose of group debriefing.

The COVID-19 Impact Survey has been proven to create constructive engagement with employees; which provides an effective strategy to promote resilience and recovery. The information can also be used to help guide your wellbeing strategy and influence your people performance strategy, as we move into new ways of doing business.