Organisational human factor benchmarking™ (OHFB™): A vital service for the legal profession


Have you recently reflected on the mental health and well-being of your team? Legal professionals must adapt and thrive with the post-pandemic world altering work dynamics. How do we ensure that our teams are not just surviving but excelling in this new landscape? Let’s have a conversation about a revolutionary approach – the Organisational Human Factor Benchmarking (OHFB™) service by the Business Health Institute.

Why OHFB™ Stands Out

Imagine a service that not only identifies but addresses the unique needs of your employees, tailored specifically for the legal profession. Does this sound like what your firm needs? OHFB™ is designed to enhance, support, and revitalise your practice by focusing on the human factors that drive performance and well-being.

You’re likely aware of the recent findings shared in the Law Gazette in May 2024, and the insights from Nick Emmerson, president of the Law Society of England and Wales, emphasising the critical need to prioritise mental health in our profession. Reflecting on these insights, don’t you agree that we must shift from merely managing mental health crises to actively preventing them?

Addressing the Urgent Need: Statistics from Law Care

Law Care’s reports highlight:

  • A 24% increase in legal professionals seeking support for mental health issues.
  • A staggering 95% rise in reports of workplace bullying, harassment, or discrimination.

These statistics are a clear call to action. How can we, as leaders, create a healthier, more supportive work environment? The answer lies in integrating OHFB™ into your firm’s strategy.

Transforming Workplace Dynamics with OHFB™

In the evolving landscape post-pandemic, have you considered how your employees’ experiences differ across onsite, hybrid, and remote work settings? Each presents unique challenges that demand tailored support:

Onsite Workers:

  • Managing high-stress levels and the need for robust health and safety measures.
  • Enhancing mental health support and fostering clear communication channels.

Hybrid Workers:

  • Balancing inconsistent workflows while maintaining team cohesion.
  • Implementing flexible scheduling and regular check-ins to optimise productivity.

Remote Workers:

  • Facing isolation and blurred work-life boundaries.
  • Improving communication strategies and supporting ergonomic workspace setups.

Enhancing Management Support

How effectively does your management team support these diverse groups? OHFB™ enables:

  • Tailored strategies to ensure every employee feels valued and supported.

Boosting Engagement and Productivity

Have you observed declines in engagement or productivity? OHFB™ offers solutions:

  • Implementing evidence-based workplace strategies that encourage autonomy and align individual goals with organisational objectives.
  • Fostering corporate loyalty by cultivating a culture of engagement and strengthening internal and external community ties.
  • Building organisational commitment with transparent decision-making and clear career progression paths.
  • Prioritising employee well-being with initiatives for mental health and physical wellness, fostering a supportive work environment.

Managing Critical Factors

Can you identify key stressors impacting your team? OHFB™ addresses:

  • Managing workload to prevent burnout.
  • Addressing stress management and emotional support needs
  • Understanding the root causes behind leadership challenges and fostering a collaborative culture.
  •  Identifying the need for essential job information to optimise performance and enable e.g. HR to take corrective action.

Integrating Human Factors into Strategy

How well does your business integrate employee well-being into its strategy? OHFB™ facilitates:

  • Integrating human factor metrics into the balanced scorecard to gauge organisational effectiveness.
  • Aligning business strategies with employee capabilities for strategic feasibility.
  • Providing tailored support to meet the unique needs of onsite, hybrid, and remote employees.

Driving Continuous Improvement and ROI

Are you committed to maximising ROI and continuous improvement? OHFB™ delivers:

  • Targeted interventions focusing on high-impact risk factors.
  • Conducting cost and impact analyses to manage sub-optimal employee functioning effectively.

Transform your firm’s approach with OHFB™ and create a resilient, engaged, and high-performing workforce. For more information on how OHFB™ can empower your firm, contact us today at 01772 349584. Let’s shape a future where employee well-being drives success.