University Mental Health Day 2022

The Importance of Mental Health

Been there. Done that. And, as I am sure you have too. Managed to get through it. Although bad mental health can be stifling and debilitating, it can also bring an acute awareness of the places in society where we are lacking or unable to cope with change.

University Mental Health Day is not just one day that we should address such a vital subject.  However, it enables us to highlight the importance of living and managing Mental Health.

As with any organisation, its people are its worth! Therefore, it is important that its foundations offer psychological safety.  What does this mean? Simply put, it represents an environment or relationship in which its people are not afraid to speak up, be themselves, be able to acknowledge muddles, seek support and be able to receive emotional support. This involves everyone in the University, no one is exempt from Mental Health, staff, or students.

Why should Mental Health be brushed under the carpet, or seen as something negative or something to be ashamed of?  We are all human beings, and we all have feelings to which we react.  Our past experiences can also impact our here-and-now moments, which will be influenced by our life events.

If we keep repressing our emotions, it will be like a pressure cooker waiting to explode.  Let’s not put a sticky plaster on our feelings, let’s embrace University Mental Health Day, as the day we start to look at our wounds, give them air, seek help, talk openly, receive appropriate help, and let the wounds begin to heal.  Above all let’s embrace the wonderful human beings that we are!!

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