Top 5 Most Effective Wellbeing Initiatives for Business

What does Wellbeing mean to you? When we talk about wellbeing we often refer to engagement, health, happiness and resilience. Each of these factors can require different types of policies and initiatives.

Here are our Business Health Institute most effective wellbeing initiatives:

1. Flexibility – something we’ve all had to embrace as part of the lock down, and probably something all employers will need to take more seriously as the lock down eases is the ability for employees to work from home. The ability to work with your employees to provide flexible working arrangements and flexible hours to be able for your workforce to balance home and work life better.
2. People Centred Management – By putting people at the heart of your business you will naturally improve loyalty and engagement. Employee surveys are a great way to show your teams you care what they think, especially when they are involved in the feedback and can see how their input is influencing business strategies.
3. Reward – Reward does not always have to be monetary; by fostering a culture where effort, behaviours and results are acknowledged and appreciated you start to build a wellbeing culture where gratitude and kindness thrives. You can support your culture with an employee benefits structure that can include financial as well as activity based benefits that link into your health and happiness policies.
4. Values – By implementing a strong set of values you communicate to your employees and your clients how you want to work. A business that lives it’s values is more often a business that experiences success.
5. Support – Sometimes your team will need extra help, by having the right support available, not only do your employees feel reassured, you also help to prevent many problems from escalating; causing stress to the employee and creating additional costs to the business.

Here at BHI we can help provide you with the knowledge you need to understand what will work best for your business and help influence your people policies, benefits and support packages. Please contact us for more information.